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This work is made from the wish that it wants to enter a mysterious space like CG. I like to see the outside from among water. The act divides the world into two by the surface of the water. The world seen in water makes a mysterious space from receiving the influence of the wave. In a word, I wanted to see the thing from a space different from the world to which it usually lived.

In this work, the globe of light is produced with turning the shining rope. Visitors take the work, and jump like rope skipping. It is only it. Visitors can experience the work by doing rope skipping that would have played in childhood. For instance, in the work, Visitors can see the friend from the inside by placing the curtain. Moreover, the friend will see visitors in the globe. This work produces the inside and the outside with the lighting globe one space by what oneself experiences. And, it is possible to record by taking the photograph.

It is important that everyone can participate in my work. It is why? In the media art, the computer-aided is inevitable. However, everyone of visitors is able not to operate the computer. Moreover, it will not be thought that it wants to do the experience with a difficult operation. On the other hand, my work only has to jump. It is wrapped in a mysterious globe only by jumping. It's made the Inside and the outside. It is thought that it only has to become a chance to think about the borderline of the person and the person.

My work is an experience that uses the sense of touch. It is an experience in the image work that cannot be done. There is a rope there, and it is painful if hitting. It is a conversation with the work, and the experience, too. It is an important experience. It is substance in a virtual reality without.

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