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Now, many of interaction arts center on the audiovisual interface of computer. There are a lot of works without the felt thing because of the sensor and the USB camera, etc. So, the relationship between the Spectator and the art work is limited to the relation between the PC and the audiovisual system. However, touching is very important factor for the one making. For example, the painting is done by brush, the sculpture is done by chisel, and ceramics are done by touch of hand.

This work "Rokuro-2" can change the form by the thing that the spectator touches. The spectator copies the movement of the hand onto the work. And, various forms can be seen. The movement considers the ceramic art. The ceramic art is a traditional art. However, the form in building in a digital system with the change always can be seen. Work title Rokuro is a potter's wheel in Japanese.

Earthenware is completed by deciding of the form by the rotation and coloring a vibrant color. This work : the rotation with the motor. And, it is displayed by use of a full color LED instead of traditional paint. A rotation body is a line composed of two or more plastic fibers. Moreover, it is seen the form by the rotating thing. And, the part of close and sparsity can be noticed in the rotation body.

The system of this work is composed by an indirect interaction with the sensor and an immediate interaction that touches by the hand. The sensor reads the movement of the left leg, and it has changed the color of LED. The sensor of the right leg measures the center of gravity of the body. It changes the rotational speed, and has changed top and bottom of the solid of revolution height.

This work has two control techniques. One is a method of the real time decision of the speed, height, and the color, and the formations with the hand. The spectator can freely control all parameters. Another is a method of displaying the globe of the rainbow. At this time, there is no interaction with the sensor. However, the globe is a beautiful rainbow color.

This work is not projected from the outside with the projector etc.The work has put out the color. Therefore, the mistake to bend light can be tasted. Moreover, the fiber that strikes the hand has feedback of comfy.

The rotation body basically becomes the shape of an hourglass or a shape.However, it reacts immediately when there is spectator's interaction. And, the change is given in the form and complex shape can be seen.

It is a fantastic form like Klein bottle. This work is a device to see beautiful shape. Moreover, This work is a proposal of the display of the rotation body that can be altered directly.


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