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Now, many of interactive systems center on the audiovisual interface of computer (Of course, it includes the projector and head mounted display ). Therefore, the relationship between the spectator and the art work is limited to the relation between the PC and the audiovisual system. However, the traditional style of creating artwork has been done by hand in the past. For example, the painting is done by brush, the sculpture is done by chisel, and ceramics are done by hand.

The sense of touch is very important in the creation of most artwork. Therefore, I experimented with the principle and the piece of art was able to be seen and felt. This style work takes the line of one dimension and creates a design in the third dimension. And, this process allows the designer to freely change the form of the work. This work is considered the ceramic art of light. The name of my work is " ROKURO " which means " potter's wheel " in Japanese. The potter's wheel is a very old device that is used to shape clay and is still popular and used around the world. Of course, this device is in Japan, too. And, when I was a child, I had the chance to play on a "potter's wheel" during a field trip.

The potter's wheel can make various shapes by using the hands to mold the clay while the disc rotates. Moreover, the final clay product is then dried and colored with vibrant colors. With my style of work, it is displayed by use of a full color LED instead of traditional paint. This system has three input sensors that produce the shape. One sensor reads the designer's movements in relation to the distance of the sensors. The other two sensors can change the speed of the rotation or change the diameter and color of the beam. Each sensor is operated by designer's hand and foot. And, the designer touches the rotation body with the free hand. A rotation body is a line composed of two or more plastic fibers. Therefore, the part of close and sparsity can be noticed in the rotation body.

The rotation body can personally be touched. This work is interactive participation of the designer but doesn't require physical contact with the sensors. The shape of the rotation body changes depending on the proximity of the designer to the sensors. The rotation body basically becomes the shape of an hourglass or a shape. However, if once the designer takes part in this method, the rotation body becomes a complex shape and can cause concussion.

In ceramic art, clay is made into beautiful pottery. The device (clay) is an art (earthenware) according to participation by the designer. The current work is viewed as biased due to the audiovisual interface. This work is a proposal of the display of the rotation body that can be altered directly.

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